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Edenvale Classic Fly-in - Part II

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada

For Part I of this article, please see eFlyer #422

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association arrives every year with at least one Harvard and a crew with the Harvard being a very popular visitor attraction.  Flights in the Harvard are available as well

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association always bring one or more of their Harvards to the Gathering and new member flights are sold to help keep these 70 year old aircraft in the air. Though known as the T-6 Texan and SNJ in the US, Canadian built aircraft were designated the Harvard and they flew at BCATP bases across Canada with the RCAF as advanced training aircraft. Many Harvards and T-6 Texans survive today, flying in Canada, the USA and around the world.

A workhorse training aircraft with the RCAF for many years
was the de Havilland of Canada Chipmunk.

Another de Havilland Aircraft that made the trip to Edenvale was the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association with their lovely de Havilland of Canada Chipmunk flown to Edenvale from Windsor, Ontario. The DHC Chipmunk was used as the primary training aircraft by the RCAF post-World War II and more than 500 examples of this beautiful and agile little aeroplane still exist today.

The beautiful Luscombe Silvaire 8E, left, and the VAN's speedy and sleek RV-6, right.

Other aircraft at the fly-in included a beautiful Lucsombe Silvaire 8E, a Van's RV-4, a Van's RV-6, a Murphy Moose on floats, assorted Cessna aircraft, Cubs and other Piper aircraft, an Aerocoupe, a Stearman, Fleet Finch, Fleet Cornell, the Tiger Boys with their Tiger Moth & Thruxton Jackaroo and other private, civilian aircraft. Though the weather didn't cooperate for the 2015 fly-in, there was still a wide variety of aircraft that managed to make it to the aerodrome for the event.

Two Ultralight Challengers, one on floats and the other on wheels,
were among several lined up on display.

There were also an assortment of ultralight aircraft at the fly-in including several Challenger Ultralights. This popular little 2-seat tandem ultralight aircraft has found a place in Canadian skies because of its ability to operate from land, water, snow and ice with relative ease. Edenvale is the unofficial Canadian home of the Challenger and some of the prettiest Challengers make Edenvale their home year round. It is an excellent 4-season aeroplane and can be flown and switched between wheels, tundra tyres, skis, retractable wheel/skis, straight floats and amphibious floats. For winter flying there's a heated cabin and for summer flying the doors can be removed. The Challenger is certainly well suited for any climate you might want to operate it in.

One of the prettiest ultralight aircraft that made the trip to Edenvale was this Denny Fox (Kitfox) that flew in from Eastern Ontario.

Another ultralight that made the trip was a Denny Fox which flew in from Odessa in Eastern Ontario. Recently restored and sporting a new paint scheme, this lovely little ultralight aeroplane garnered a lot of attention along the static line. Often referred to as a Kitfox, it was one of the first designs of its type to sport quick folding wings making it easy to transport by road and for storage. Depending on the model and engine type, cruise speed of this aircraft is roughly 110mph with a range of over 700 miles and a rate of climb at 1200fpm.

The big T-28 Trojan flew in from Tillsonburg Airport in south-western Ontario.

Also flown in for the event was the big radial engine T-28 Trojan from Tillsonburg Airport. Though the RCAF never operated the T-28, several have made their way into Canada and are often seen at airshows and fly-ins. The T-28 flew with the USAF and the US Navy as an advanced trainer and eventually with the US Marine Corps as well. Trojans saw action during the Vietnam War as a ground attack aircraft and saw service with an assortment of countries around the world.

From armored vehicles such as this one, left, to classic cars and assorted vendors such as Avro Arrow author and specialist, Marc-Andre Valiquette, right, there was something for everyone at the Gathering of Classics.

There were also a variety of vendors as well as classic cars at the event. Renowned author and Avro Arrow specialist, Marc-Andre Valiquette, drove in from Laval, Quebec to display and sell his outstanding assortment of books he's penned, including a remarkable 3 volume set on the Avro Arrow. Marc-Andre has also written a variety of other books and all are available for sale by contacting him.

Mark your calendars, block off the day in your phone or tablet, and make the trip to Edenvale on August 6 where you can see aircraft such as the Tiger Moth, left, and the Cessna 195 "Businessliner," right.

The Edenvale Gathering of Classics is the largest fly-in in Canada and is an exceptional place to gather and see a variety of both classic aircraft and classic cars. It's a place where good friends, whether pilots or aviation enthusiasts, get to meet and swap stories, experiences and lies and thrills. Make a point of flying or driving to Edenvale for their 2016 Gathering of Classics fly-in, Saturday, August 6, 2016.

If you're looking for an affordable flying experience,
check out the Challenger and contact the folks at Edenvale.

Challenger Ultralights:

All kinds of aircraft visit the fly-in.
Come see what makes the trip to the Gathering of Classics this year.

The Gathering of Classics Fly-in:

If you're interested in taking a flight in a vintage Tiger Moth,
visit the Edenvale website or make the trip to the airport.

Edenvale Aerodrome:

Another unique flying opportunity awaits you at the Gathering and that's a flight in a Canadian built Harvard with the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association:

Vintage Wings of Canada have had their P-40 Kittyhawk at the Gathering in the past. You never know what they'll bring next.

Vintage Wings of Canada:

The de Havilland Chipmunk is one of several aircraft in the fleet of the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association in Windsor, Ontario.

Canadian Historical Aircraft Association:

Another Kitfox Ultralight that was along the static line

There were several Van's aircraft at the Gathering such as this RV-4.

The T-28 towered over most other aircraft at the airport.

Taxiing in for the day was this Nanchang CJ6A, left.
The Murhpy Moose, right, looks like quite a beast on floats.

Make sure you look up Marc-Andre Valiquette on Facebook for some beautifully written, stunning books on the Avro Arrow, left, as well as the RCAF. Vintage Wings of Canada pilot, Dave Hadfield, explaining the Lysander to Gathering patrons, right.

Looking down the line up of aircraft in one area of the airport
with the Denny Fox in the foreground.

Make sure you visit the 2016 Gathering of Classics fly-in, whether you fly to Edenvale (CNV8), like this Van's RV-6, or you drive in. It's worth the trip and it's an exciting day at the airport

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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