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Old and New at Waterloo

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada

The Yankee Air Museum's beautiful B-17 "Yankee Lady" was a crowd favourite!

The Waterloo Airshow returned to the skies again in 2014 with a great show and stunning weather, a nice change from the previous few years with sunshine and warmth! The show included an assortment of aerobatic performances from high speed to old and slow with some returning and some new performers.

Mike Whiskus in the Lucas Oil Pitts smoking up the sky!

Returning to the airshow was the superb aerobatic performance of Mike Whiskus flying the Lucas Oil Pitts. As always Mike puts the Pitts through a rigorous series of high-G manoeuvres that stress the airplane to its limits, not to mention the body! Mike always wows the crowd and his performance at the 2014 Waterloo Airshow was no exception!

Local airplane builder and pilot, Wayne Hadath, flying his F1 Rocket.

Also returning to the airshow was local pilot Wayne Hadath flying his uniquely painted F1 Rocket "Little bit." Though not classified as an aerobatic pilot, Wayne flies his Rocket across the flightline at near the top speed of the F1, closing in on 275mph! Not bad for a homebuilt!

The beautiful B-17 "Yankee Lady" from the Yankee Air Museum.

New at the airshow this year were two fabulous B-17 Flying Fortresses. From the Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing was "Sentimental Journey" which flew media flights and was available throughout the weekend, when not flying, along the static line. The other B-17 was "Yankee Lady" from the Yankee Air Museum in Ypsilanti, Michigan. "Yankee Lady" appeared in the show and was certainly a crowd favourite.

Kent Pietsch and his Interstate Cadet doing things most people
would never dream of doing in an airplane like this!

Kent Pietsch made another spectacular appearance in the show flying his 3 different routines and is always a joy to watch. Flying his 1930's Interstate Cadet, an aircraft not designed for its aerobatic prowess but flown by Kent like it was! You can't help but watch him put the brightly painted yellow aircraft with "Jelly Belly" jelly beans all over it, Kent's sponsor, through his performances including his dead-stick aerobatics, his comedy act and the always dangerous but much loved landing on the RV.

Captain Adam "Manik" Runge put the 2014 Demonstration CF-18
Hornet through a series of manoeuvres that thrilled the crowd!

The 2014 Demonstration Hornet, flown by Captain Adam "Manik" Runge, is always a huge crowd pleaser and Manik sure put on a spectacular performance throughout weekend and 2014. Despite the age of Canada's CF-18 Hornets, they are extremely well maintained and are still used as the RCAF's frontline fighter. Putting the Hornet through its paces demonstrates just how versatile and effective the aircraft still is today.

The Canadian Forces RCAF Snowbirds are always a popular favourite at airshows.

The ever popular Canadian Forces Snowbirds also returned to the show with their 40-50 year old Canadair CT-114 Tutor jets. These fabulous little 2-seat training aircraft are, despite their age, still capable of taking to the air and allowing their pilots, with hard work from their dedicated crews, to dazzle the crowds with their graceful show. However, the Tutors days are numbered and they will be missed by many airshow followers throughout North America when the RCAF finally retires them.

72 year old Gord Price performing some superb aerobatics in his Yak 50.

Another aerobatic performer who wowed the crowd was 72 year old Gord Price flying his beautiful Yak 50 in a high-G performance. Despite his age, Gord keeps in excellent shape which allows him to put his body through the rigours of aerobatics and it shows in his performance every time he takes to the sky. "The Dam Pub" Yak 50, with Gord at the controls, has become a local favourite by many and Gord hopes to continue flying his aerobatic performance for as long as he, and his aircraft, can take it!

The Hammond Aviation/Jet Aircraft Museum "Mako Shark" T-33,
flown by Derek Hammond & Ray Thwaites.

Another local performer that is a favourite at airshows is the Hammond Aviation/Jet Aircraft Museum Canadian built Canadair CT-133 (T-33) "Mako Shark" flown by pilots Derek Hammond and Ray Thwaites. The highly visible paint scheme with the sharks mouth is popular with kids and adults alike. Ray & Derek always put on a good show with the Mako and Derek will soon be flying another vintage jet at airshows, his recently restored and flying DH Vampire.

Mike Tryggvason is a young, up and coming aerobatic pilot
making his mark in the airshow aerobatic world.

Working his way into the airshow circuit with his pretty aerobatic aircraft called a Giles 202 is Mike Tryggvason. Mike is a 30 year old commercial airline pilot with 3000+ hours of flying time and hails from Ottawa, Ontario. He started aerobatic training on his Pitts Special S2A and flew his first airshow at Tillsonburg, Ontario in 2012. It's expected that Mike will continue to perform at airshows across North America for years to come.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA) 4-plane Harvard formation.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association attended with a 4-ship formation team in their 70+ year old Harvard (T-6) aircraft. Their P&W radial engines have an unmistakable sound and you can't help but look skyward when the Harvard takes to the air. The CHAA pilots fly a clean and tight series of formation passes in their bright yellow, and very well maintained aircraft, loud and proud!

Danny Richer in his BAC Strikemaster with a top-side pass, left. The Indy Boys Inc Jet Powered School bus, right, had everyone standing.. and feeling the rumble, heat and power!

Also flying in the show was Danny Richer in his BAC Strikemaster, a British built training aircraft from the late 1960s. The Strikemaster, which is a variant ground attack version of the Jet Provost, is put through a series of passes by Danny, showing off the capabilities of the aircraft. The Indy Boys also brought their Jet Powered school bus and jet powered outhouse which brought the crowds to their feet to get a look at the loud smoke and fire display.

The RCAF CH-146 Griffon helicopter was put through its paces,
showing the public the capabilities of the aircraft and crew.

The Royal Canadian Air Force flew their CH-146 Griffon helicopter in the show demonstrating the ability of the military helicopter. The Griffon is often used in a support role with the Canadian Army. Several Griffon helicopters, sporting the bright yellow and red colours of RCAF Search & Rescue aircraft, are also very effectively used in that role by the Canadian military.

Sunrise gave some photographers the opportunity to get some unique shots of the RCAF CT-155 Hawk, left, and the CAF Red Tail P-51C Mustang, right, among a few other static line aircraft.

Among the static aircraft were a C-123 Provider, T-28 Trojan, TBM Avenger, CAF Arizona Wing B-17 "Sentimental Journey," RCAF CT-155 Hawk & the CT-145 King Air and the magnificent CAF Red Tail P-51C "Tuskegee Airmen" Mustang. Also along the static line were several merchandise vendors offering a wide selection of aviation related items and souvenirs. Food vendors were also available with a delicious variety of eats for all tastes. There's something for everyone and, yes, even a welcoming beer tent on a hot day!

One of several vendors selling their wares was the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, left. Pyrotechnics display simulating ground attack ordinance, right,
by the CF-18 were a hit with the crowd.

The Waterloo Airshow is a wonderful place to spend a warm, early summer June day, with the family or when you need a day to yourself to enjoy your passion of aviation. It may not be the biggest show but who needs big when you have spectacular! Make a point of visiting the Waterloo Airshow this spring. Visit their website,, for the dates of the return of this wonderful Southern Ontario airshow.

The Mako Shark T-33 gleams in the afternoon sun!

Jet Aircraft Museum:

4-plane formation from CHAA

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association:

B-17 Flying Fortress, "Yankee Lady," from the Yankee Air Museum.

Yankee Air Museum:

The CAF Red Tail P-51C Tuskegee Airmen Mustang, flown by Bill Shepard.

Tuskegee Airmen P-51C:

CAF Arizona Wing B-17 "Sentimental Journey" at sunrise.

CAF Arizona Wing:

Kent Pietsch climbing away after scraping the wing along the runway
during his comedy routine in the Cadet.

Kent Pietsch:

Michael Whiskus Lucas Oil Pitts

Mike Wiskus:

Gord and his Yak enjoying the blue skies over Waterloo.

Gord Price:

Manik goes inverted immediately after take-off to start his performance.

RCAF Demonstration Hornet:

One of the many beautiful formations of the Snowbirds!

CF Snowbirds:

Sure, it looks just like a regular school bus that's been punked....
but it's also been modified to be MUCH more than that!

Indy Boys Inc: 

The Canadian Forces RCAF Snowbirds!


The C-123 Provider departs Waterloo Airshow 2014.
Perhaps it'll be back for 2015. Stay tuned!

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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