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Legends Over London Jet-Festival

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada

The Jet Aircraft Museum/Hammond Aviation T-33 Silver Star, known as the Mako Shark, will showcase the line-up of flying aircraft at Legends.

It has been about 14 years since the last airshow in London, Ontario, Canada but the Jet Aircraft Museum (JAM) is bringing back the sound of jets to the skies over London with their Legends Over London Jet-Festival, July 19th & 20th.

Founding father of the Jet Aircraft Museum Bob Hewitt, right, discussing preparations and radio frequency with two of JAM's ferry pilots, Turbo Tarling, left, and Larry Ricker, centre. Line-up of 3 T-33 Silver Stars awaiting pilots before their ferry flights from Mountain View to London, right.

The Jet Aircraft Museum is a relatively young museum that was the brain-child of founder, Bob Hewitt. Bob, a former RCAF pilot, has a huge fondness of two particular former RCAF aircraft including the Harvard and the T-33 Silver Star (known as the Shooting Star in the USA). As one of the founding father's of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, Bob decided a museum dedicated to jet aircraft was possible and practical. To that end, he funded the purchase of 6 former Canadian built, Canadian Air Force T-33 Silver Star aircraft for the museum.

A line-up of several of the volunteers who helped service and ready the 6 T-33's at Mountain View on a very cold January day in 2009, left. Two of the T-33's on a snow covered ramp at Mountain View after engine run-ups on a cold January day, right.

The 6 T-33's were located at CFD Mountain View where several members spent many weekends in 2008 & 2009 preparing the aircraft for ferrying to their new home in London, Ontario and the Jet Aircraft Museum. Former JAM ferry pilots, Larry Ricker and Turbo Tarling flew the aircraft on their ferry flights and said all aircraft performed wonderfully during the relatively short flight to London.

Two of JAM's maintenance team, AME Mike Koteles (left) and Director of Maintenance, Dave Baker to the right (left). The de Havilland Vampire, currently wearing Swiss markings, right. (Photo courtesy David Kreutzkamp)

Over the past 5+ years, members of JAM have been working hard to restore these aircraft to flying condition. During this time a few members who have their own jet aircraft have joined the museum and brought their aircraft into the fleet of the museum. Those aircraft include Richard Cooper's Viper North L-29 Delfin and MiG 15 UTI; Hammond Aviation's T-33 Silver Star "Mako Shark" and de Havilland Vampire; and Graham Rawlinson's Jet Provost.

One of the T-33's being flown out of Mountain View by pilot, Larry Ricker, left.
T-33 being worked on in the JAM maintenance hangar at London, right.

Of these 5 aircraft, the only aircraft not currently flying is the MiG 15 UTI, as it is under repair and currently sitting in a hangar in Waterloo, Ontario being serviced by Fliteline Services. Currently, no JAM aircraft are flying but one is VERY close, T-33 #133500, and it's hoped that some of the funds raised through the Jet-Festival will go toward finishing the work on #500 and JAM will have it back in the air in late August or September. Another T-33 is close behind and could be airworthy come 2015.

Martin Mattes L-29 Delfin, left, and Danny Richer's Strikemaster, right.

The Legends Over London Jet-Festival will, in part, honour the Cold War jet era, showing off the look and sound of these assorted vintage jet aircraft. If you think the above line-up of jets are impressive enough, they will be joined in the air by three more jet aircraft including an L-39 Albatross from the International Test Pilot School in London, Ontario, Danny Richer's zippy Strikemaster and Martin Mattes' L-29 Delfin.

Graham Rawlinson's Jet Provost in the JAM hangar, left.
Richard Cooper's Viper North L-29 Delfin, right.

These aircraft, barring any major maintenance snags or issues, will grace the skies over London Airport in a rare showing of such a variety of jet aircraft of this number anywhere in North America. It's a unique opportunity to see these rare jets at one location on the same day. It's also an opportunity to see an airshow, if not a smaller one than in previous years, grace the skies over London once again.

Mike Tryggvason will put the Giles 202, left, through some aerobatics that'll turn heads in a pre-airshow display. The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team consisting of Kent Beckham, Dave Hewitt, Pete Spence and new member, Marco Rusconi.

Adding to the excitement of seeing these jet aircraft, the Legends Over London Jet-Festival will also showcase two more acts including the new 4-ship aerobatic formation team flying their 70+ year old Harvards, the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team and, one of the youngest Canadian Competition Aerobatic and airshow pilots in Canada, Mike Tryggvason flying his brightly painted Giles 202.

Ontario Air Ambulance helicopter, left, will spend time on the static ramp
along with Danny Richer's T-28 Trojan, right.

In addition to this line up of flying aircraft, some of the static aircraft will include Danny Richer's T-28 Trojan, Derek Hammond's Yak 52, Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Harvards, air ambulance ORGNE helicopter and several JAM T-33's. JAM is also hoping that they can get their newly acquired CF-101 Voodoo into the static line-up.

ITPS L-39 Albatross, left, will scream across the airshow box. Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association will have one or two Harvards, right, on the static line up.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to see a very affordable "mini-airshow" in London, Ontario by going to their website,, and purchasing your advanced tickets to the show today. Tickets are limited to only 3500 per day!! For only $10 adults, $5 for children ages 3-13 and free for children under 3, you'll have a great time watching and listening to these 50+ year old jet aircraft, showcasing Legends Over London!

One of the JAM T-33's departing Mountain View on it's ferry flight to London. Eventually, 5 will return to the skies!

Legends Over London Jet-Festival:

The T-33 "Mako Shark" is on the hunt for spectators
who want to see vintage jets flying in the skies over London!

Jet Aircraft Museum:

The new four-plane formation from the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team,
better known as "CHAT."

Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team:

The Goblin engine from the DH Vampire was serviced
and prepared for the Vampire by Fliteline Services.

Fliteline Services:

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
will have a couple of Harvards on the static line for the show.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association:

Hammond Aviation is a great supporter of the Jet Aircraft Museum and they're working hard to make sure the Vampire makes the Legends Over London Jet-Festival!

Hammond Aviation:

The L-39 Albatross from the International Test Pilot School.

International Test Pilot School:

Visit the Legends Over London Jet-Festival to get your fix of JET NOISE!
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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