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ISSUE 290 - September 2013
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Wings at Waterloo - Part II

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada

One of the RCAF Snowbirds in a climbing left turn after take off.

Last week we had a look at some of the aircraft that performed during the Waterloo Airshow. This week we return to the Waterloo Airshow to see what else graced the skies during the 2013 airshow.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association and their 70+ year old Harvards always
brighten the skies at airshows across Ontario and various north-eastern states.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA) growled their way through the sky in their Harvard (T-6 Texan) aircraft with a beautiful four-plane formation. These 70+ year old aircraft are meticulously maintained and the pilots and crews treat their aircraft like it was their own. CHAA, as they're known, fly out of Tillsonburg, Ontario and always welcome new members, as do JAM, their sister museum in London, Ontario.

Disney's movie "Planes" had "Dusty Crophopper" visit the airshow.

Making its first appearance in Canada was "Dusty Crophopper" from the Disney movie "Planes." Dusty is a former crop dusting Air Tractor AT-301 that was restored and painted to represent the movie aircraft. Kids were thrilled to see Dusty fly about the sky and there's little doubt they'll be just as thrilled with the movie!

Lots of people like speed and noise and the "Smoke 'n Thunder"
jet car offered that and more!

A very unusual appearance at the airshow was the "Smoke 'n Thunder" jet car, piloted by Bill Braack. The car has the ability to reach speeds in excess of 400mph though, with the shorter runway at Waterloo, Bill could only manage about 250mph. However, it's not just the speed, it's the flame, smoke and sound of the jet car that thrills the crowds. Adding to the excitement was a 'race' between Bill in the Smoke 'n Thunder jet car and Rick Volker in his Sukhoi

Local area pilot, Wayne Haddath, flying his speedy F-1 Rocket "Little Bit," showing off the airplanes speed, left. The RCAF CT-155 Hawk in a high-speed pass, right.

Other performers included local pilot Wayne Haddath in his F-1 Rocket, the RCAF with their CT-155 Hawk training aircraft, their CH-146 Griffon helicopter and their CC-130 transport aircraft Hercules.

The iconic Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds thrill crowds year after year.

Of course, rounding out the flying part of the airshow were the venerable Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds aerobatic display team. The Snowbirds perform across North America and, no matter where they go, they are always a popular act, in the air and then on the ground after their performance, signing autographs. Snowbird pilots are great ambassadors for the RCAF, for Canada and for aviation. Despite their aging aircraft, they never fail to perform and put on a crowd pleasing airshow.

Among the aircraft visiting for static display were the Yankee Air Museum's B-17, left
and B-25, right.

Static display aircraft included a B-17, AC-46, C-123 and B-25 from the Yankee Air Museum. Also along the static line was the Jet Aircraft Museum with their highly anticipated de Havilland Vampire and their Viper North MiG 15 UTI, along with a Jet Provost. Martin Mattes brought his lovely L-29 Delphin and Danny Richer his Strikemaster and T-28 Trojan. The RCAF also brought their Dash 8, affectionately known as "Gonzo" and, from the US, a World War II torpedo bomber TBM Avenger.

Rick Volker in his Sukhoi Su-26 "racing" Bill Braack in the
Smoke 'n Thunder jetcar.

Many vendors graced the flightline offering up aviation collectibles, paintings, photos, food and more. There's an area for the kids if you need to keep them entertained while parents watch the airshow. There really is something for everyone and the annual airshow is a popular one, despite the bad luck they often seem to have with the weather.

The RCAF 2013 Demonstration CF-18 Hornet sporting afterburner flame on take-off.

Every year the Waterloo Airshow gets better and better. There's fast and slow, new and old, young and young at heart. Make a point of coming to visit the Waterloo region and the Waterloo Airshow in June 2014.

Captain Patrick "Flocho" Pollen taxies past in the 2013 Demonstration Hornet

RCAF Demo Hornet:

Snowbird line-up with the Public Affairs Snowbird Tutor Crew preparing for a flight.

RCAF Snowbirds:

The JAM T-33 "Mako Shark" crew taxies out in preparation for her performance.

Jet Aircraft Museum:

Richard Cooper takes the Viper North L-29 Delphin into the
air in preparation for his performance.

Viper North L-29 Delphin:

The growl of the Prat & Whitney on the nose of the Harvard is an
unmistakable sound in the skies over southern Ontario.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association:

Bill Gordon inverted in a roll in the beautiful Jane Wicker Stearman.

Jane Wicker Wing-Walking:

Gord Price showing off the top-side of the Yak 50

Gord Price Aerobatics:

Kent Pietsch's beautiful "Jelly Belly" 1942 Interstate Cadet.

Kent Pietsch Airshows:

Rick Volker takes to the air in his colourful Sukhoi Su-26.

Rick Volker Airshows:

The "Smoke 'n Thunder" jet car heading out to put on a show.. fast & loud!

Smoke 'n Thunder Jetcar:

Always popular at airshows across North America, the
RCAF Snowbirds put on a great performance every time!

Waterloo Airshows:

Come visit the next Waterloo Airshow in June of 2014
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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