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ISSUE 274 - May 2013
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The Buzzzz Over Hamilton

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada

If you're looking for a stunning, rare and magnificent formation, then don't miss this year's CWH Hamilton airshow June 15 & 16. You'll have the opportunity to see a rare formation, similar to this one, except... you can add in a second Spitfire and a second Hurricane! Photo courtesy of Rick Radell.

Last year saw the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario celebrate they're 40th Anniversary with a big airshow that included the B-29 Superfortress "FiFi" in formation with CWH's Lancaster, B-25 Mitchell and a P-51D Mustang from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. An impressive sight to see.

The stunning New Zealand restored de Havilland Mosquito from the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia will join the line-up of aircraft at the 2013 airshow.
Photo courtesy of Gavin Conroy

However, one of the most anticipated returns to the air by a vintage and rare warbird was the New Zealand restored de Havilland Mosquito, now owned by Jerry Yagen and his Military Aviation Museum. The "mossie" has been flying since 2012 but made it's epic voyage to the United States earlier this year. The aircraft is now flying and will appear at the CWH Airshow June 15 & 16 and it's all the buzz!

Vintage Wings of Canada will bring an assortment of aircraft including their Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI, left, and their Hawker Hurricane Mk IV, right.

Also flying in the airshow will be an assortment of other World War II fighter aircraft including Vintage Wings of Canada's Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI, Hawker Hurricane Mk IV, Goodyear FG-1D Corsair and P-40N Kittyhawk. These beautiful aircraft will be joined at the airshow by other fighter aircraft including the Military Aviation Museum's Hurricane and Spitfire, along with their Focke Wulf 190E and Me262. It's a rare opportunity for people to see such a large mix of rare and vintage World War II fighters and bombers all in one place.

Vintage Wings of Canada will also bring their iconic Canadair F-86 Sabre, "Hawk One," painted in the famous RCAF Golden Hawks colours.

Vintage Wings of Canada will also bring their stunning Canadair F-86 Sabre "Hawk One" in the colours of the famous Royal Canadian Air Force Golden Hawks team. This F-86 has been highly sought after at airshows across Canada and some US States and is always a crowd pleaser.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds return once again
flying their Canadair Tutor, former Air Force training aircraft

Of course, not to be outdone, the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds will have all heads looking skyward watching them perform one of the most beautiful military team aerobatic displays in their Canadian designed and built Canadair CT-114 Tutor aircraft. These aging little 2-seat jet aircraft are meticulously maintained to ensure the Snowbirds offer the airshow spectator the best performance they can at every show.

Last year the RCAF 2012 Demonstration CF-18 Hornet, shown here, put on a marvelous display and the RCAF Demonstration team will return this year with their latest CF-18 creation for 2013.

Also appearing from the RCAF will be the 2013 CF-18 Demonstration Hornet. This years Hornet, painted in a different scheme than the 2012 Hornet, is piloted by Captain Patrick "Flocho" Pollen from 3 Wing, CFB Bagotville, Quebec. Capt Pollen will put the CF-18 through a series of high performance passes and manoeuvres showing off the capabilities of both pilot and aircraft.

Not to be outdone, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will fly many of their own historic aircraft including the B-25 Mitchell "Hot Gen," left, and the rare and classic Avro Lancaster, right.

Canadian Warplane Heritage will also fly a large number of aircraft in their fleet including the Avro Lancaster, North American B-25 Mitchell, Fairey Firefly Mk VI, Westland Lysander Mk III, North American Harvard Mk IV, Consolidated PBY-5A Canso, Beechcraft Expeditor and Douglas Dakota. These iconic aircraft are crowd pleasers everywhere they go, whether performing solo or formation passes, they're a beautiful sight to see.

When these former RCAF training aircraft come out, things slow down a little,
with the de Havilland of Canada Chipmunk, left, and the Fleet Fort, right.

Slowing things down a bit will be some flying by Canadian Warplane Heritage "Yellow Wings" fleet including the Fleet Fort, the only flying example of this aircraft in the world, the de Havilland Canada Chipmunk and Tiger Moth, and Fleet Canada's Fairchild Cornell. Cam Harrod will also appear with his stunning Fleet Finch. These vintage training aircraft are fine examples of flying Canadian history.

The Great War Flying Museum, from Brampton, Ontario, will drop things down to a crawl compared to jet aircraft and even World War II fighters with their replica World War I aircraft such as the Fokker DR.I "Triplane," SE5a, Nieuport 28 and Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter.

Also slowing the show down a bit will be an appearance by aircraft from The Great War Flying Museum out of Brampton, Ontario. Aircraft from the museums fleet include the SE5a, Nieuport 28, Fokker DR.I and their beautiful Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. They usually fly a mock dogfight against the "Red Baron" in a tight fight in the skies over the airfield.

Alf Beam will have his beautiful T-28 Trojan on static display, left. Many of the museum's static aircraft will be on display, right, including, from left to right, a CF-104 Starfighter, CF-100 Avro Canuck and a de Havilland of Canada Buffalo.

Appearing static are the RCAF CT-156 Harvard II, Peter Ramm's Lockheed 12, Alf Beam's North American T-28 Trojan and another 20 assorted aircraft from the CWH museum's inventory of static and aircraft under restoration. CWH will also have their merchandise tent where you can purchase anything from hats and t-shirts to models, kits and prints.

The beautiful Jet Aircraft Museum/Hammond Aviation CT-133 (T-33) Silver Star, the Mako Shark. You could win a flight in one of JAM's T-33s when you purchase one, or more, 2014 Cash & Dream Flight Lottery Calendars!

The Jet Aircraft Museum will be there selling their beautiful 2014 Cash & Dream Flights Lottery Calendar which gives you the opportunity to win one of 4 flights in their T-33, one of 2 flights in their L-29, or an assortment of weekly and monthly cash prizes for only $20. Buy one for yourself, your best friend, your father, brother, daughter son, wife or girlfriend (of course, you put all the tickets in YOUR name!)

Two Lysanders will fly during the airshow. The first from Canadian Warplane Heritage, left, and the other from Vintage Wings of Canada, right.

There will be lots to see and do during the airshow so you won't have the chance to get bored, but you will have the chance to get excited, thrilled and energized. Make your way to Hamilton International Airport June 15 & 16 for one of the best warbird shows of the year. Remember, with the Mosquito making an appearance, it's all the buzz!

Another beautiful aircraft the CWH fleet that will be performing
is their gorgeous Fairey Firefly Mk VI

Canadian Warplane Heritage:

Among the aircraft that the Military Aviation Museum will bring
is their Supermarine Spitire Mk IX, similar to this Mk IX.

Military Aviation Museum:

At the 2012 CWH Airshow, the CAF's beautiful B-29 made an appearance.
This year they will bring their B-24 Liberator.

Commemorative Air Force:

VWC's beautiful P-40 Kittyhawk, shortly after take-off, gear just about up.

Vintage Wings of Canada:

Showing its toothy grin from the bottom side, the Mako Shark T-33

Jet Aircraft Museum:

The 4-plane Harvard formation of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association:

The Canadair Tutor, flying with the Snowbirds for more than 40 years.

Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds:

A look back at the 2009 CF-18 Demonstration Hornet.

RCAF Demonstration Hornet:

Matt Younkin puts on a heart-stopping, low-flying show in his beautiful Beech 18.

Matt Younkin:

Fokker DR.I Triplane in a climbing turn

The Great War Flying Museum:

Cam Harrod's beautiful example of the Fleet Finch
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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