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ISSUE 272 - May 2013
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Wings Over Waterloo

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Watford, Ontario, Canada

Once again this year, the Royal Canadian Air Force will support the Waterloo Airshow
with an assortment of aircraft, including a CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Aircraft.

While American Airshows are being cancelled, reduced in size and/or moved to new dates to accommodate other acts thanks to the US Governments sequestering of US military assets offering no USAF/USMC/USN support, there is no sequestering of military aviation assets here in Canada and the Royal Canadian Air Force continues to support airshows across the country.

Two different but equally impressive and enjoyable acts are Kent Pietsch, flying three different aerobatic displays in his Interstate Cadet, left, and Gord Price flying his sporty Yak 50 in an aerobatic dance, right.

The first airshow in Ontario, Canada will be held at the Region of Waterloo International Airport, just over an hour from Toronto and less than two hours from the US/Canada border in Niagara Falls & Buffalo. The airshow will celebrate its fifth year with a nice mix of aircraft and airshow acts from Canada and the US along with static aircraft, aviation and food vendors and, for the first time at the show, we'll also be celebrating the Canadian Aviation Expo, making this a double event.

Returning to the Waterloo Airshow again this year is the former Royal Canadian Air Force T-33 Silver Star painted in the scheme of the "Mako Shark." Stop by the Jet Aircraft Museum booth for your 2014 Cash & Dream Flight Lottery Calendar for your chance at a flight in a jet aircraft.

Returning to the Waterloo Airshow for the third year is the Jet Aircraft Museum ( & Hammond Aviation T-33 Silver Star, the Mako Shark. This beautiful aircraft has become a popular and common sight in the skies over Ontario and it's hoped that, with the lack of US military jet aircraft, the "Mako" will see more airshow action this year. JAM will also have their photo ship so your kids (or you) can sit in the cockpit of a T-33. They will also have a booth selling their JAM merchandise and their Cash & Dream Flights Lottery calendar offering you a chance to win one of four chances at a flight in a T-33 and/or two chances at a flight in the L-29 Delphin.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds will excite and inspire young and old
with their graceful display.

Also returning to Waterloo again this year are the ever popular and iconic Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds. The Snowbirds have been supporting airshows across Canada and the US for more than 40 years, all the while flying their Canadian designed and built Canadair Tutor aircraft. This rugged little jet trainer, despite it's 50+ years, with updates and regular maintenance, is expected that the Tutor will remain flying with the Snowbirds until 2020.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association, a staple in the skies over Ontario, will have all heads looking skyward with the roar and growl of their Harvard's radial engines and their smoke trails.

Another popular sight in the skies over Ontario, and several northern US states, are the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association with their Harvard formation ( Flying the Canadian version of the US designed & built T-6 Texan, the unmistakable 'growl' of the Harvard, with their bright yellow training paint scheme, will always turn heads skyward. These meticulously maintained 70+ year old aircraft were used during World War II to train allied airmen across Canada, from a multitude of Commonwealth countries, at British Commonwealth Air Training Plan bases from east to west coast in support of the fight against the Axis countries during the war. CHAA will also have a booth set up where you can purchase anything from t-shirts and hats to models, pins and patches.

There's a huge difference in speed and performance in these two aircraft, but each one, in it's own way, is as beautiful to watch in the air as the other. RCAF CF-18 2011 Demonstration Hornet, left, and Kent Pietsch in his Interstate Cadet, right.

Other returning acts include the Royal Canadian Air Force with their 2013 Demonstration CF-18 Hornet making lots of noise, showing off its capabilities and impressing crowds with speed and afterburner! Kent Pietsch, flying his Interstate Cadet, will put on his spectacular series of three acts that you have to see to believe including a silent engine off, aerobatic display and landing on a moving vehicle!

Buffalo, NY son, Rick Volker, will wow the crowd flying his Sukhoi Su-26
in a high-G aerobatic display that will thrill and chill!

New to the airshow this year are the Wing Walking act of Jane Wicker ( with her Stearman "Aurora" as well as Canadian aerobatic pilot Gord Price flying his lovely Yak 50. Both these acts will impress spectators with breathtaking maneuvers that will thrill and chill those on the ground.

Returning to Waterloo is this stunning example of the L-29 Delphin
courtesy of Viper North and the Jet Aircraft Museum.

An aircraft that is returning to the skies once again is the L-29 Delphin of Viper North and the Jet Aircraft Museum, flown by Richard Cooper. This uniquely painted L-29 will rip up the sky with its unmistakable engine whistle as Coop shows off the speed and lines of this Cold War era jet trainer.

Wayne Hadath will show off the speed of his F-1 Rocket, "Little Bit, left. On static display will be two training aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Hawk and Harvard II, right.

Other acts you'll enjoy are Wayne Hadath in his F-1 Rocket "Little Bit," US aerobatic pilot Rick Volker ( flying his hard to miss Sukoi Su-26 in a spectacular display and a wide variety of static aircraft including Fairchild C-123K "Thunder Pig," Yankee Warrior B-25D Mitchell & Yankee Lady B-17 Flying Fortress, C-46 Curtiss Commando "Tinker Belle," C-47 Douglas Gunship "Spooky," Ida Red" Grumman TBM Avenger and the Royal Canadian Air Force Hawk and Harvard II.

Two other jet aircraft that will appear on static display this year are the Viper North MiG 15 UTI, left, and another L-29 Delphin, both courtesy of the Jet Aircraft Museum.

One other unusual but popular sight will be the "Smoke-N-Thunder" Jet show with Bill Braack performing a deafening jet car blast down the runway at speeds near 400mph at 4.5Gs. With smoke billowing from the engine and mini sonic booms every head will be turned toward the runway, instead of skyward, to watch Bill tear up the runway in a ball of smoke and fire.

Also appearing on static display are the Strikemaster, left and another L-29 Delphin, right.

There may be additions to both performing and static aircraft so visit the airshows website for updates. It's a great show with lots to do for the whole family, including a kids play area to keep the little ones busy while the big kids watch the show above. As mentioned, this year's show will also include the addition of the Canadian Aviation Expo where you can spend time learning about different aircraft, aviation supplies, schools, clubs and more. There's lots to eat and lots of vendors to spend your airshow money at so keep June 1 & 2 open and come see wings above Waterloo. (

Royal Canadian Air Cadets Schweizer 2-33 on final.


The Airshow isn't just about aircraft, it's about honouring veterans.
We salute and thank all veterans!
By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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