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ISSUE 214 - April 2012
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The Daily Deal Business Is Taking-off in General Aviation
Arriving Daily - Daily Deals for General Aviation

On most days I write about flying with a focus on Light-Sport Aircaft and other light recreational airplanes. In a different vein, I recently became aware of something familiar on the Internet but not previously existing in aviation: Daily Deals. Think Groupon and you get the general idea except for two excellent improvements. First, Aviation Discount Center deals are available worldwide, not only in your immediate area. Secondly, this is all aviation 24-7, without goofy offers for things that don’t interest you.

That’s what piqued my interest and it is brand-new, starting this week. I wanted to learn more about it and you may want to hear what I discovered. Launching April 2nd, 2012, ADC is a daily deal site 100% dedicated to general aviation enthusiasts like you and me.

Most of you have surely seen and possibly purchased a coupon or voucher from other daily deal websites. To learn what makes Aviation Discount Center important to pilots like us, I interviewed Jeff LoParo of ADC. I asked him to show me or tell me exactly what it is they are doing and why they are so different. Probably like you, I was a bit skeptical. I needed answers to know why this is worth our time.

Save $2 on a 4-pack of Super Rope Cinches - available 04/05/12Jeff, can you give me some background on Aviation Discount Center?
"The idea of ADC as a Daily Deal business only for the aviation community began over a year ago. All the people involved at ADC are either, pilots, aircraft owners or work in the industry or they are active daily in the industry in one capacity or another today. We recognized that the method of the Daily Deal business model has proven successful over the last several years. We also recognized that there are ways that we could make some simple changes and improve the method of not only how the business is conducted but also tailor it to the aviation community exclusively. We are all aviation people, we know the aviation community and the people that are a part of it. We know and understand what they like or dislike because we are part of the same community. So what we developed is what we would want to have, knowing that many of our friends in the community will benefit the same way."
Ok, but what makes ADC so different from Groupon© Livingsocial© and all those other Daily Deal sites?
"That’s best answered by me giving you examples of what you will NOT see at ADC:
  • NO deals for Sushi restaurants, wine tasting tours or movie passes, concert or sporting event tickets etc…
  • NO deals for nail salons, hair salons, med-spas, tanning salons or tattoo removals etc…
  • NO deals for the Ultimate Chocolate Brazilian Waxing (yes, that was a real offer!).

With that said, let me give you the good news:

  • For all the deals featured on ADC, you will never have to leave your house or hangar to redeem your selection. Everything will be delivered right to your home, hangar, airport property or some right onto your computer.
  • No matter where you live in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia or around the world, you can take part in our deals. You won’t have to select a city or location to see only selected deals based on where you live. Everyone will see the same deal at the same time worldwide."
Visit AviationDiscountCenter.comWhat kind of deals will ADC be featuring?
"Now this is the fun part. What you will see are great deals with huge savings for anything and everything for pilots and planes, all aviation only related, such as deals for:
  • Avionics, radios, instruments and stuff for your panel and cockpit,
  • Aircraft & airframe parts, engine & engine parts, props, tools, etc.,
  • Services such as paint shops, interior, maintenance, inspections, help with kits etc.,
  • Everything that a pilot needs or uses: headsets, navigational services, training, pilot supplies, books, software and more.
The list goes on and on, with thousands of possibilities. I think you get the idea what people will find at ADC.

In fact we also have a special section that is just for airshows and events. This will be a place where you will be able to find some greats deals at your favorite airshow or event."

What types of companies will offer deals?

"That’s an excellent question. You know it is one thing to make a purchase and take advantage of huge savings. But if that huge savings comes at the sacrifice of getting an inferior or low quality product or service, you end up with something that you wishyou never would have bought in the first place.Not to mention all the aggravation and the complete waste time and good money in the process. We’ve all had that happen to us in the past and want to avoid that happening not only for ourselves but for others too.

All the companies or businesses that will be featured on ADC will have proven track records for customer satisfaction. These are businesses that work as hard to make the customer happy as they do to make a great product. Most of the companies that will be featuring deals with ADC will already be very recognizable known national and international companies that already have proven track records of providing not only great products and services but superior rated level of customer service satisfaction.

Some companies will be smaller and not as well known, nationally or internationally. That doesn’t mean that they are not good. Our people will take the time to investigate and confirm that these companies still meet the same high level of quality and customer satisfaction that we require for all deals featured at ADC."

Like most folks, I get lots of email that I donít want every day. What do you say to a guy like me that already gets too many emails?
"No kidding, the last thing I think anyone of us wants is more email that is spam or email that is a complete waste of time. People can of course just come to our site whenever they want to see what the deal of the day is. I often tell people that I have a great memory – it’s just very short! So remembering to come each day might mean that you miss out on some really great deals. Some deals will sell out very fast because of the limited number that are available or may close before you remember to come back.

We will be sending out only one “email alert” per day! In fact, we have so designed our email alert so that first, our email alert is instantly recognizable and distinguishable from everything else you get. Instantly you will know it is a deal from ADC. Secondly, you should be able to determine within a few of seconds of seeing our email alert if you are interested in the deal of the day or not. If you are, click on it and you will be taken right to the deal. If not, that’s why we all love our delete key. It only takes a few seconds to decide.

You won’t have to remember to come to the site each day to see what is new, we will send it to you. You will be the first to know each day and also have the first crack at scoring some really great deals before everyone else or before it sells out or closes and you miss it all together.
We know that you are not going to be interested in every new deal we feature, but you will be able to decide in just a few short seconds if you are or not. It’s fast, simple and easy, but by receiving our email alert, it puts you in the pilot command seat. Plus, if you feel you ever need to, you can always unsubscribe quickly and re-subscribe as you want."

We enjoy many good aviation businesses. How do you pick or choose a deal you feature?
"Well that is simple, we look at every deal and ask if we ourselves would buy it for our own use and would we feel good recommending it to our best friends. In addition, we ask if it represents a huge savings?

BUSINESS NOTICE — An easily-found location on our website allows a business to offer a product or service as a deal. At the bottom of each page look for ‘Feature Your Deal.’ Submit to us for review and we’ll get busy."

Does ADC have a way for other people to be a part of this?
"As a matter of fact we do have an opportunity for almost all aviators. We can’t cover the entire world looking for great deals ourselves. So we will soon be launching a program where people in the aviation community can spot great deals for us. They can submit the deals and if we feature that deal they can get paid a commission based on how well the deal performs. We look forward to launching our ‘Reconnaissance Deal Scout’ program soon."

Thanks Jeff.

Aviation Discount Center’s first deal was sent on April 2nd. ADC’s program seems like an easy way to find significant savings for aviators like you and me. Both buyers and sellers can benefit. I plan to watch for some really great deals.

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