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ISSUE 179 - July 2011
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Hamilton Airshow 2011 - The Return - Part II

By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Roslin, Ontario, Canada

Last week we spent some time visiting the Hamilton Airshow. This week we return to the airshow and look forward what's to come for the big 2012 40th anniversary of CWH airshow next year…

On static display from the CWH collection are a number of former Canadian Air Force aircraft including the DHC Buffalo, CF-100 Canuck, CF-104 Starfighter, and CF-101 Voodoo.

Many of CWH's non-flying aircraft were lined up on static display out on the airshow flightline including the newly restored DHC Buffalo in UN markings, the de Havilland Vampire, the Canadair F-86 Sabre, CF-100 Avro Canuck, CF-101 Voodoo, CF-104 Starfighter, and the CF-5 Freedom Fighter, among others. Also wheeled out were two of CWH's restoration projects, the TBM Avenger and the Bolingbroke. It is hoped that both these aircraft will be back in the air in the not-too-distant future.

Under restoration is this rare Bolingbroke by a dedicated group of volunteers at the CWH museum, left (Photo courtesy of Kerry Newstead). Jet Aircraft Museum T-33, the "Mako Shark," on static display during the airshow, right.

There were also several food vendors offering hotdogs, sausages, poutine (a french fry experience not to be missed), pulled pork sandwiches, ice cream, pop and water so plenty to offer the hungry and thirsty airshow spectator. Also offered by the CWH museum's gift shop were a large assortment of aviation related items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats along with plastic and diecast models, pins, movies, books and so much more. There were also assorted aviation related booths including the folks from the Jet Aircraft Museum of Canada. A great organization dedicated to the restoration and flying of jet aircraft such as the T-33 and the DH Vampire.

The Vintage Wings of Canada FG-1D Corsair, left, and the P-40N Warhawk, right.

Though the lineup of aircraft was great the airshow itself will require some improvement if the 2012 40th anniversary airshow is to be a success. Many patrons of the 2011 airshow were very disappointed in seeing only a single pass by aircraft such as the two B-17s, the Lysander and the Helldiver, and in some cases no passes, simply a take-off and landing of the CWH "yellow" aircraft, the Fleet 21, Fleet Finch, and the Fairchild (Fleet) Cornell. Airshow spectators expect, if not demand, more. However, growing pains aside, and knowing the history of excellent airshows by Canadian Warplane Heritage and their airshow team, improvements for the 2012 airshow are a definite.

CWH Lancaster followed by the fighters, left. Five Vintage Wings of Canada aircraft in formation, left to right, the Spitfire, Hurricane, Corsair, Mustang and Warhawk, right.

Despite a few issues with the logistics of the show and bussing of spectators, the Hamilton Airshow has returned and airshow crowds will look forward to the airshow in June of 2012. There is no doubt that Canadian Warplane Heritage and the City of Hamilton look forward to the 40th anniversary of CWH and the 2012 airshow with great anticipation. Expectations are that there will be many visiting warbirds from other museums in Canada and the USA including a FW-190, the B-24 and B-29. It is also hoped that there may be a return of both B-17's, and one or two B-25's. An assortment of jet aircraft are also expected to attend and participate so it will be nostalgia, noise, history, and thrill in the skies over Mount Hope, Ontario in 2012.

A close up of the "office" of the Avro Lancaster.

For more about Canadian Warplane Heritage:

Vintage Wings of Canada's Hawker Hurricane Mk IV takes to the air.

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CHAA Harvards lined up on the ramp before the airshow.

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The B-17 "Memphis Belle" looking as she may have looked in a wartime photo.

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The Wildcat taxies past the crowd.

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Support your Jet Aircraft Museum and "Mako" a donation!

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The Fokker DR.I Triplane taxies past.

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Bill Carter in the Pitts, smoke filling the sky, powers out at the top of a manoeuvre.

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CWH Fairy Firefly in a nice, top-view pass, left.
CHAA Harvards take to the air in formation, right.


Vintage Wings of Canada's P-51D Mustang taking off, left, and in a nice, level pass, right.


CWH B-25 in a nice climbing turn. Remember, Hamilton Airshow 2012 next June!!!


By Kevin Moore, Contributing Editor & Photographer

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