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ISSUE 161 - March 2011
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So - Where's My Flying Car?

By David Rose, Contributing Editor
San Diego, California

So – about my flying car – how’s it going?

We first talked about it in an article back in September 2007 (Issue 5 and available in the eFlyer archives).

We talked about the pretty little flying car Dr. Paul Moller had developed over a period of only 30 years after having spent only 50 million of his investor’s dollars. The project was widely covered and there is now a wealth of information available on the internet here. You can witness the Moller “Volantor” flying in the videos here. The flights are of a tethered vehicle but in fairness the cables are slack throughout the short flights.

Doctor Moller holds a PHD in Aerodynamics from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is a respectable school and Doctor Moller is well qualified to pursue his dream of a flying car. So, how has it gone?

Well… as far as the Moller Volantor is concerned it’s difficult to know. Going to we get the dreaded message “404 – file or directory not found” I hate that. Of course it means that the resource might have been removed, or had its name changed, or is just temporarily unavailable.

But saddly, further investigation shows that on May 18, 2009, Dr. Moller filed for protection under the Chapter 11 reorganization provisions of the federal bankruptcy law. But Dr. Moller is continuing development and is currently reported to have been contracted with by a Russian businessman to design a flying car based on the Ferrari 599 GTB.
But “my” flying car? Well, there are others out there bent on getting it into production.

“The Transition” by Terrafugia is going great guns and will ‘hit the market in 2012’ they say.
Kate Bolduan of CNN reports from Dunnellon, Florida that the FAA has ‘certified’ Steve Saint’s flying car “The Maverick”. It does fly. And it is a car; it even carries a Florida licence plate “FLY CAR”. Mr. Saint reports that his flying car will soon be available for $80,000.

Then there is the X Hawk from our friends at Urban Aeronautics in Tel Aviv. Their proprietary control system holds U.S. Patent # 6,464,166 and has no exposed rotors which allow the vehicle to sustain a hover even right alongside a building. So you could literally park at the 23 floor of a building and load passengers. That’s interesting. But I just want one that will drive out of the garage, lift off from my driveway, fly to where I’m going and land in the parking lot. The Urban Aeronautics folks say that’s the easiest thing for their ‘car’ to do.

I’m pretty exited about their prospects after viewing the very encouraging video at

And financing? Mr. Rafi Yoeli of Urban Aeronautics states "We are being financed by private investors, and right now the project does not appear to suit venture capital. When the project began everyone thought we were completely nuts, but then we carried out tests in wind tunnels, we got money from the U.S. Navy to carry out a study.”

The U.S. Navy? My flying car is just over the horizon.

For the latest on the X-Hawk go to their press reports at

Then there are the Parajet SkyCar and Col. K.P. Rice’s Volante being developed; and The Hammerhead; so obviously, like myself, everyone wants a flying car; and if everyone wants one you can bet everyone will get one. Soon. Probably. Hopefully.
‘Course, when you see projects like the Alfa Romeo “Spix”, you begin to believe.
By David Rose, Contributing Editor

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