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ISSUE 89 - October 2009
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Waco Historical Society Fly-in

By Andy Heins, Contributing Editor & Photographer
Dayton, Ohio

September brings a list of wonderful fly-ins for vintage aircraft.  One that I never miss is the annual Waco Historical Society Fly-in located at Waco Field (1WF) in Troy, Ohio, home of the Waco Historical Society Air Museum. The WHS has been going strong since 1985 and is dedicated to the preservation of history in regards to the Waco Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio. The current Waco Field is located approximately 2 miles southeast of the original Waco Aircraft Company factory, which sits at the intersection of I-75 and St. Rt. 55 and is owned by the aircraft brake division of the Goodrich Corporation.
1930 Waco INF NC11203

This year saw no less than twenty-four Wacos return to their birthplace. Gorgeous weather with light winds across the entire Midwest allowed those that wanted to migrate to Ohio to do so. The highlight of the entire event was the new museum hangar that was completed only two weeks prior to the event. Besides the new 60 x 100 museum hangar, visitors were treated to a completely paved parking lot, landscaping, and a memorial patio comprised of donated bricks by Waco enthusiasts. All this was realized through a grant received from the State of Ohio made possible by countless hours of hard work by the volunteers and Board of Trustees for the museum. In one year the museum has doubled in size and will continue to grow.

1930 Waco KNF NC113Y
Of the twenty four Wacos attending, there were five different Cabin models and nineteen open cockpit types representing ten different models. Rarest of the attendees was the 1930 Waco CRG NC600Y owned and flown by Pete Heins of Arcanum, Ohio. Each of the Cabins attending were unique including the only flying 1935 Waco YKC-S owned by the author, a 1936 Waco ZQC-6 NC16203 owned by Jim Wheeler of Knox, Indiana and the rare 1938 Waco ZVN-8 NC1937S tri-gear Cabin flown by Ken Kreutzfeld of Port Clinton, Ohio. The most popular model by far was the Waco UPF-7 with a total of seven attending during the course of the weekend.
1935 Waco YKC-S NC14620
1936 Waco ZQC-6 NC16203
1938 Waco ZVN-8 NC1937S

The Waco Historical Society Air Museum also had their rare 1930 Waco NAZ Primary glider outside on display for the event. The Waco Aircraft Company produced about 300 of these primary gliders during 1930-31 when gliding became a cheap alternative to flying powered aircraft during the Depression years.

1930 Waco NAZ Primary Glider
1930 Waco RNF NC663Y
1936 Waco YKS-6 NC16246
1937 Waco VPF-7 NC17712
1937 Waco YKS-7 NC17474
1940 Waco UPF-7 NC29988
1941 Waco UPF-7 NC32158
1942 Waco UPF-7 NC39753

With the Museum expanding, we expect this event to grow in future years and we invite anyone with an interest in Waco airplanes to visit the Museum. Please visit the website at

Andy Heins
Contributing Editor & Photographer

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