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ISSUE 61 - April 2009
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The SUPER Sport Cub shares many airframe parts with the Sport Cub S2 and the Carbon Cub Kit. By eliminating virtually all airframe components that don’t carry flight or landing loads, this modern design is simpler, lighter and stronger than the Piper Super Cub designed in 1949. 60 years of technology has enabled CubCrafters engineers to maximize material design and incorporate modern manufacturing processes that maximize strength and minimize weight.

Besides the gravity repelling 180 HP engine, the airframe design has been tested to well beyond the requirements for Light Sport Aircraft. Flight and landing loads were increased by 40% to 5.65Gs for the design loads, and to 8.5Gs for ultimate tests. Piper Super Cubs were tested to 3.8Gs as required by the Standard Category. Struts, spars, landing gear, control surfaces, engine mount, and the fuselage were all tested by CubCrafters with lead weights and hydraulic pressure, not just analyzed by computer as allowed under LSA rules. This modern offspring of the Cub lineage is comprised of 50% fewer parts and is 250 pounds lighter than a similarly equipped Super Cub. With a power to weight ratio of 7.33 pounds per horsepower, the SUPER Sport Cub has no equal in performance!

The SUPER Sport Cub is available in both one and two place configurations, and can be certified as either an S-LSA aircraft, or as an Experimental LSA aircraft if the customer so desires.

CubCrafters newly certified engine is a modern upgrade of a well-proven design that has been in use around the world for over 50 years. The CC340 engine is certified to ASTM 2339 standards for Light Sport Aircraft. Working closely with ECI, the CC340 engine uses electronic ignition and high compression pistons to maximize power and economy. The engine weighs less than 250 Lbs, and is rated at 180 HP for take-off and climb, and 80 HP for continuous power settings. This allows for a 2,400 hour TBO, and fuel consumption of as little as 5 gallons per hour at cruise power settings.

Our cooling plenum seals against the back side of the cowl inlets to force air exactly where it is needed.  Light-weight silicon seals are co-cured with the composite plenum.

The CC 340 engine is installed as part of a firewall-forward system.   Every component has been redesigned to maximize usefulness with minimizing weight as one of the highest goals.  The complete exhaust system weighs 6.2 Lbs, or roughly half that of other 4-into-1 systems on the market.  The alternator mount is new, and because it is closer to the center of the crankshaft, the belt is shorter (and lighter) than in any other system we know of.

The cooling plenum ducts cold pressurized air to the oil cooler, and provides a mount for the oil cooler that simplifies the installation.  Several pounds and several pieces are eliminated... with great results!

Look Ma! No Mags!... or gears to drive them... If it isn't needed, it isn't there! Carb airbox weighs just 11 Oz.

SUPER Sport Cubs are equipped with VGs and inertia reel shoulder harnesses. Stall speed is a very slow 32 MPH and the cabin is reinforced at the shoulder harness attach points, making these points the strongest in the airframe. The carbon fiber seat up front is not just comfortable, but extremely strong, protecting the pilot in all directions. Steel tubes in the fuselage were not sized just for flight loads, but crash loads were considered as well. Airbags just ad to this safety advantage and the confidence you will have when flying this modern Cub.


The SUPER Sport Cub is a POWERFUL airplane. It has no equal in takeoff and landing performance, takeoff in two or three lengths of the airplane when you are light, and four of five at gross weight! Speaking of performance, this plane will climb at over 2,100 feet per minute at sea level and still be climbing at over 1,100 feet per minute at 10,000 feet. Level off at 7,500 feet in less than 5 minutes after takeoff! Cruise at or near the speed limit for LSA aircraft… even with 29” tundra tires.

This power and performance is matched only by the SUPER Sport Cub's nimble handling and slow speed manners. The fun factor is off the chart. Whether flying around the patch, camping, or more serious flying, the SUPER Sport Cub will always deliver!


900 lb empty weight and 1320 lb gross weight on wheels
Maximum continuous speed of 138 miles per hour
Maximum takeoff power limited to 5 minutes
Maximum continuous power limited to 80 HP after 5 minutes



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