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ISSUE 59 - March 2009
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Dodson International Parts - The Only Source You Need
Dodson International Parts, Inc. was founded in 1980
to Provide Quality Parts to the Aviation Community.

Immediate shipment and value-based pricing is our mission.

From our origin in Single-Engine General Aviation to our expansion to Corporate, Rotor-Wing, and Commercial Aircraft, we strive to be your only parts source!

Since 1980, we have parted-out over 2000 Aircraft! New Items arrive weekly.
We Have Millions of New Surplus Parts!


J.R. Dodson wants to let all of our current customers and new customers be aware that we are interested in buying their surplus or unused inventory. We welcome the opportunity to bid on your aircraft, helicopter and aviation parts inventory.

Dodson purchases all makes and models of aircraft ranging from the single engine piston aircraft, twin engine piston aircraft, corporate jet and turboprop, commuter and regional airliner, and airline transport category aircraft - as well as all makes and models of rotor-wing, ranging from the single engine piston through the twin engine turbine. These aircraft and helicopters are purchased in any condition, (damaged, derelict, flying), from anywhere in the World.

In addition, Dodson bids for inventory in any condition - as removed, new, yellow tagged.

Dodson's Purchasing Staff also offer appraisals and ballpark quotes to the Insurance Industry to assist in decisions regarding borderline losses.

Dodson is extremely proud to have the most professional and experienced buyers in the industry. Let them offer a timely, straightforward bid on what you are selling, and discover another reason Dodson is, 'The Only Source You Need'.

Turbine and Jet Engine Parts Inventory Room!

What type of fixed-wing and helicopter parts does Dodson International sell?
Dodson International's parts inventory is one of the most complete in the world - equivalent to more than 2,000 aircraft gathered from six continents.  There are parts, avionics and components from airliners to single engine aircraft.  The helicopter inventory includes Agusta, Bell, Enstrom, Eurocopter, MDHC, Robinson, Schwiezer and Sikorsky.

Does Dodson International sell new and used aircraft parts?
Yes, around 20% of Dodson International's inventory is new.  The remaining percentage is, for the most part, in OH (Overhauled) or AR (As Removed) condition.

Are cores available?
Yes, we have cores for airframe and avionics.  The cores are guaranteed repairable, unless specified to be otherwise by the Dodson International Representative providing the core.

Dodson International would like to announce the availability of our 30,000 square foot inside insurance storage facility.  This facility offers a variety of storage arrangements as well as a clean room with videotape capabilities, a layout room, and a secure room for storage of logbooks and avionics.  For your comfort and convenience, the facility is also equipped with two conference rooms and a kitchenette.  For your security, the facility is equipped with state of the art security system which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This facility is complimented by a 100 feet wide by 400 feet long outside storage facility that is surrounded by an 8-foot high chain link fence with barbed wire at the top.
As we are actually in the parts business, no one is more aware or conscious of the importance to properly disassemble, transport, and store the aircraft to insure that no further damage is done.  Our state of the art facility and trained personnel covers all of the precautions that must be taken to insure that there is no unnecessary exposure to issues such as co-mingling of parts or spoliation of evidence.

We are excited by this endeavor and hope that we can be of service to you. You can rest assured knowing that your work is being done by professionals.  We want to become
“ The Only Source You Need ”.

How do I create an open account with Dodson International?
Individuals and Businesses that have been C.O.D. or pre-paid customers for six months may contact their salesperson to obtain a credit application form.

When is it possible to look at an aircraft for sale or visit a parts salesperson?
Business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST. 
Please let Your Dodson International Representative know the day, the airport
(if you are flying) and approximate time of your arrival. It is often possible to
make special arrangements if you are unable to visit during regular hours.

Ottawa Municipal Airport
Identifier/Airport Code:  OWI
Unicom:  122.8
GPS Approach
Runway Length:  4500'
An FBO is located on the field with AvGas Only, daylight hours.
Transportation by car may need to be arranged prior to your arrival.
New Century AirCenter
Code:  IXD
Tower:  133.0
Approach:  118.9
Ground:  124.3
Runway Length:  7300' (5000' crosswind runway)
An FBO is on the field with AvGas and Jet Fuel, 24 hours/7 days a week.
Transportation by car may need to be arranged prior to your arrival.

Dodson International
P.O. Box 19
2155 Vermont Road
Rantoul, Kansas 66079 U.S.A.
Telephone - 1 (785) 878-4000

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