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ISSUE 57 - March 2009
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Aero-Zone is a recognized leader in the aircraft parts industry. A trusted provider of new and aftermarket parts for commercial, corporate and general-aviation aircraft since 1994, we have the resources, manpower, and strong industry partnerships to provide the level of service essential to aviators large and small. Our talented team of professionals has been hand-chosen for their ability to innovate, and to deliver only the highest levels of customer service and quality control.

Aero-Zone Headquarters in Mesa, Arizona
Our New Lobby

Aero-Zone was founded in 1994 by a small team of dedicated industry professionals with a small office in Chandler, Arizona. From the beginning our honest, relationship-based way of doing business has set us apart from our peers in the industry. By making sound business decisions, and resisting the urge to rely on excessive financing, Aero-Zone has grown at a trend-setting pace.

In January of 1998, as a result of our growth, Aero-Zone moved from our first office and warehouse to a 6,000 square foot facility nearby. We again saw several years of tremendous growth, despite significant adversity in the industry. In March of 2004, Aero-Zone moved into a 30,000 square foot Headquarters and Inventory Control Center designed to meet both the current needs of the company, and to allow for years of future expansion. Our new facility reflects the foresight and planning that go into every step of the Aero-Zone process.

Two stories of inventory for convenience, and efficient use of every inch of our Inventory Control Center. Our larger, more efficient Shipping & Receiving Department

Success in the aviation industry comes down to two prevailing factors: Safety and Efficiency. Aero-Zone's new headquarters and inventory control facilities have been designed from the ground up with these factors in mind. In March of 2004, Aero-Zone purchased a 30,000 square foot building in Mesa, Arizona to house our corporate offices, quality control and sales offices, and our Inventory Control Center. Our new center features over four times our previous capacity, including areas for larger inventory items, and an improved avionics facility. Our shipping and receiving departments have been completely redesigned to allow for greater efficiency and easier handling of inventory items large and small. From the moment we first began our move, safety and security has been a top priority. Our inventory is protected 24 hours a day by a brand new custom fire-suppression system, security and fire alarms, and a secure, gated compound. In addition to our headquarters, Aero-Zone has strategically distributed inventory at various locations across the nation.

Aero-Zone operates a secure, climate controlled inventory control facility in Mesa, Arizona. Our facilities consistently receive high ratings from various auditing and quality control organizations’ that we ask to evaluate our progress. These certifications are proof of the emphasis that we put on safety and quality in our inventory control systems.


Aero-Zone Goes Green

Mesa, Ariz., Thursday, Jan 01 2009:

Aero-Zone is proud to announce the launch of "Aero-Zone Goes Green", a commitment to, and investment in, environmental responsibility and conservation.

Through bold energy-saving initiatives and significant investment in environmentally friendly infrastructure improvements, the first phase of "Aero-Zone Goes Green" will drastically reduce the company’s carbon footprint; by over 40 tons in its first year. "The cornerstone of the ’Aero-Zone Goes Green’ campaign is an 83,000 kilowatt-hour solar electric system valued at almost half a million dollars." said Alfredo Dreyfus, Jr., President of Aero-Zone. "I recently had a similar system installed at my home, and was so thrilled with the results that I immediately began discussions to install a larger system here at our headquarters. Let’s face it, in a state with three hundred days of sunshine each year, solar is a logical choice!" Dreyfus added. The solar generation system - installed by American Solar Electric - consists of 234 state-of-the-art Kyocera photovoltaic modules, capable of meeting all Aero-Zone’s energy needs during all but the hottest months of summer.

In addition to the solar system, improvements to the company’s Mesa, Arizona headquarters have significantly reduced energy demands. Over the past twelve months, the company has replaced two air conditioning and climate control units with systems that are exponentially more efficient. The physical structure of Aero-Zone’s headquarters has also been upgraded, through the installation of low-E glass, sun screens, and a more energy-efficient thermal roof coating to combat the harsh heat of an Arizona summer. In the same period, every computer and several of the company’s high-speed servers have been replaced with newer, more efficient units that use less power. Dozens of monitors have been replaced with EnergyStar rated LCD monitors. In addition, Aero-Zone has installed hardware and software solutions to reduce overall power consumption by ensuring only essential systems remain online after hours and on weekends.

As the year progresses, Aero-Zone intends to announce further details of "Aero-Zone Goes Green", and of the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.

Discreet DropShipments™: An Aero-Zone exclusive
Discreet DropShipments is an innovative program that represents Aero-Zone's commitment to providing industry-leading service not only to our customers, but to our friends and partners in the industry. This program allows parts brokers to ship directly from Aero-Zone to the end-user under their own name, not that of Aero-Zone. Parts are shipped without the Aero-Zone logo, in generic packaging and with packing slips reflecting the name of the broker. All Discreet DropShipping orders are shipped with generic paperwork, and with sensitive details - such as purchase order numbers and prices - withheld. By request, we can even insert your own invoices and packing slips!

Discreet DropShipments is a direct response to feedback we have recently solicited from our customers. Feedback that included concern that companies were taking advantage of drop-shipments by inserting their own sales literature and invoices with orders. Aero-Zone's goal is to continue earning the respect of every client by combining honesty and integrity with innovative, one-of-a-kind programs such as Discreet DropShipments. It's your sale, put your name on it!

Discreet DropShipments is offered at no cost to our valued customers, so ask for it on your next order!

Alfredo Dreyfus Jr. Founder, President

We decided early on that our specialty would only be limited by the demand of our customers. We soon started developing niches and product lines where we could hone in our talents, and become true experts. By having actual product lines, we afforded our customers certain luxuries, such as 'back-up' solutions when parts are lost or damaged in shipment by having a secondary unit on our shelf, ready to go, in most cases. We currently have 40+ active product lines and over a dozen partnerships with repair stations (including two OEM's) allowing us to compete in both quality and cost, and making Aero-Zone one of the premier 'up-and-comers' in aviation's rotable market.

But we didn't stop there. I thought it was important that, in addition to quality and cost, our actual service to our customers had to shatter what I considered to be the industry norm. I soon implemented a quality program, borrowing from the likes of Six Sigma and other quality improvement techniques, where we actively scrutinized every facet of our company. We've implemented quality and budgetary control programs for our Repairs Department, Inventory Control, Information Technology and Marketing, to name a few. Our I.T. implementation alone has allowed for quicker responses to RFQ's, fast transmission of paperwork, and timely Airway Bill notification for our customers

 I learned early on that this industry is very large, and has enough room for ALL good companies to prosper. We are supportive of ALL other suppliers in our field. We apply equal focus to doing business with well-run and good paying suppliers, as we do our end-users. This has allowed us to build a worldwide customer base of 3k+ customers, and over 800 end-users.

Over the years, and as a result of our natural growth, our mission has been defined and redefined. By remaining innovative and creative, while flexible, we've established a synergy as a team that is very unique and quite effective. Although I do consider myself a hard-worker, we've also been very fortunate along the way. I thank God for our fortune; I thank all of our team members for their loyalty and dedication. I would also like to thank each and every one of our customers for their continued support of Aero-Zone as we strive to be better, one part at a time.

Alfredo Dreyfus
Founder and President

Corporate Headquarters

1841 South Horne
Mesa, Arizona 85204
T: 480.926.7118 (24 Hr Live AOG)
F: 480.926.7401

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