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ISSUE 48 - January 2009
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Robert Green, Lieutenant, Colonel with the United States Air Force, exhibits a comprehensive and inspiring list of services imparted to this country in the twenty-seven years he served in the United States Air Force.After reading through his list of achievements, it would seem this legend could fly any plane, or manage any task.

Robert T. Green’s military career began November 19th, 1942 when he completed the US Army Air Corp., a Private Aviation Cadet. On the 8th of February, 1944, Robert Green graduated Advanced Flying School with Class 44B as 2nd Lieutenant, having flown ten hours in P-40s at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. Not long thereafter, in March, he completed Replacement Training at Abilene, Texas, flying P-47 Thunderbolts. In the month of May, Green completed nine weeks of Operational Training, piloting P-47s in Atchim, England.

In June of 1944, he was assigned to the 78th Fighter Group, Duxford, England, 83rd Fighter Squadron, with forty-six combat missions flown in P-47s, and another forty-eight flown in the P-51 Mustang. After 94.5 combat missions, he returned to the United States in May of 1945.

Green didn’t rest long. In July of 1945, and for the following five years, he served in the Air Force Reserve Unit at Long Beach Municipal Airport, California as an instructor and test pilot, flying AT-6s, C-45s, and B-26s. After this, in 1950, he was recalled to active duty with the 452nd Bomb Wing staff, as Air Control Maintenance Officer, flying B-26 Attack Bombers, and in November of 1950, he was deployed to SEA, Japan. This same year, he was moved to Korea as the 452nd Wing Group Material Officer, and a pilot, flying B-26s in twenty combat missions.

In 1951, Green was transferred into the 49th Fighter Wing at K-2 as Group Material Officer, flying F-80s, T-32s, and F-84s, for ten combat missions. In May of the same year, he served with the 347th Troop Carrier Group and Wing, Tachikawa, Japan, Staff Aircraft Maintenance Officer.

He returned to the United States in 1935, and was assigned to Lockheed Air Force Plant Rep, Burbank, California Test Pilot for T-33s.

From there, his service continued as the National Security Agency, Washington, DC Program Manager Communications Security Activities. Green served this important duty from 1960 to 1964, and then went on to NSAUR Staff Logistics Officer of France and Germany until 1967.

Robert Green retired from his long and dutiful career with the United States Air Forces in 1969.

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